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The iTAG500 UHF RFID Tags from Extronics Ltd.

Extronics’ iTAG500 series of intrinsically safe, passive UHF RFID tags is a major advancement in asset tracking for hazardous areas.

Designed in collaboration with Omni-ID®, the iTAG500 range makes use of Omni-ID’s special patented plasmonic structure, which ensures industry-leading performance.

  • Extremely robust and long-lasting tag construction
  • Can be used throughout the world
  • Superior read signal on, off, and near liquids and metals
  • Certified as intrinsically safe as per IECEx, FM, and ATEX standards

Certified for Use in Hazardous Areas

By using certified tags, users can be certain that they are conforming to new rules and industry best practice.

Broadband Operating Range

Global tags are improved across 860 to 960 MHz, allowing users to utilize the iTAG500 range worldwide according to EPC Gen2 Protocol.

Wide Variety of Tags to Choose From

Developed to fulfill the most difficult surroundings, the iTAG500 range includes an extensive range of tags, each with diverse attributes suited for a wide range of dangerous area applications.

EXO®—The Exo range was recently deployed in some of the most adverse environments on Earth and the most robust passive RFID tags available in the industry. Exo tags offer the durability of an enclosed RFID tag for applications that need a small footprint in a rugged environment. A range of sizes is provided for monitoring industrial assets, such as tools, and for tracking RTIs and small containers in manufacturing.

IQ®—This range of printable on-metal and low-profile RFID labels are mainly utilized for monitoring IT Assets in offices and datacenters. Through peel, print, and stick flexibility, IT Assets can be tagged easily, efficiently, and economically. With both balanced performance and global frequencies for both on and off metal, this extensive range of passive RFID label products is available in different sizes and read ranges.

FIT®—Featuring a maximum size-to-performance ratio in the sector, the FIT series of tags contains an extensive range of smallest, lowest profile tags available in the market. From the resilience of on or off metal performance to the potential to implant at the point of manufacture, such tags are perfect for tool and rental equipment monitoring.

ADEPT®—From a strap attachment tag for huge cylinders to a rubberized tag to suit industrial hoses and a steel-encased tag used by very heavy industries, the Adept range of tags has been specifically developed to fulfill non-traditional applications or special use cases.

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