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Mini Airflow Meter from General Tools & Instruments Co., LLC.

The GENERAL® Mini Airflow is fitted with an impeller and with sensors which allow it to carry out measurements in the open air. It will give you all the information essential for your open air activities such as hang-gliding, rambling, climbing or water sports.

It will give you the instant wind speed and the maximum wind speed (DAF3010, 3300, 4000), ambient temperature and wind chill temperature (3010, 3300, 4000), an electronic compass (DAF3300, 4000) as well as altitude, pressure, and rends in the weather (DAF4000). The GENERAL® Mini Airflow range has been designed to withstand short-term immersion in water at a depth of up to one metre.

  • Measures Windspeed, Maximum windspeed, Temperature, Windchill factor
  • Digital compass
  • Altitude
  • Barometric air pressure
  • 48-hr history of pressure and altitude
  • EL Backlight
  • One button operation
  • Weatherproof (can be submerged 6 feet)
  • Completely sealed; internal sensors
  • Replaceable Lithium battery
  •   (included and installed)
  • Stainless steel back

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