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AuthenTec’s TCS1 TouchChip Fingerprint Sensors for Mobile Offender Recognition and Identification System

An identity management and security solutions provider, AuthenTec has announced that the TCS1 TouchChip fingerprint sensor along with the TCEFC1 TouchChip module empowers BI2 Technology’s Mobile Offender Recognition and Identification System (MORIS) with fingerprint identification capability. The MORIS is currently being mass produced for shipment to various law enforcement and police agencies within the United States.

BI2 Technology’s MORIS device is a tri-modal, wireless biometric system available on a smartphone. Weighing12.5 ounces, it can transform any Android phone or iPhone into a biometric multi-modal mobile identification terminal.

The MORIS unit can be fixed on to a smartphone, thus enabling the officials in the field to identify accident victims, criminals, lost or missing persons instantaneously using biometric identification, viz., facial, fingerprint and iris recognition.

Authorized personnel will be able to capture fingerprint images in high resolutions of 500 DPI using the TCS1 module located on the backside of the MORIS mobile ID terminal. The images are encrypted and sent for fingerprint comparison. The MORIS can also be used to identify suspects while the personnel are still in the field. This technology will help in identifying criminals who assume false identities.

The Chief Executive Officer of BI2 Technologies, Sean Mullin stated that the TCS1 TouchChip developed by AuthenTec provides fingerprint images in high-resolution as required for comparison against the large database of fingerprints in the FBI, thus providing positive identification data to the police personnel quickly.

The TCS1 sensor is the only silicon-based fingerprint sensor that is Federal Information Processing Standard 201 (FIPS 201) approved for use in personal identity verification.


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