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Applied Nanotech Holdings’ EZKnowz sensor Receives European Patent EP1976431B1

Applied Nanotech Holdings declares that its EZKnowz multi-gas breath sensor has been awarded with European patent EP1976431B1 and is used in identifying potential disease states in the medical field.

The EZKnowz sensor includes an analysis device, memory device and a sample collector that are explained in detail in this European patent. This EZKnowz sensor technology is developed by merging the company’s branded non-radioactive ion source with the existing differential ion mobility spectrometry solution. This breath sensor can select and sense a wide range of gases in adverse environments. The detection level of such a multi-gas sensor will be on range of either parts per billion or parts per trillion, which is needed in various applications.

The Applied Nanotech’s breath sensors are compact in size and portable than the traditional breath detectors, and can be employed in various applications such as doctor's clinics, laboratories and home-health environments. The company’s breath sensor can identify a wide range of diseases and gases, including lung cancer, pharmaceutical contamination, plant diseases, Mercaptan/BTEX, influenza, and wound infection/healing. Apart from its use in medical field, the EZKnowz sensor can also be used in detecting body odor biometrics and explosives in homeland security and military applications.

The company also hired Dr. Royce Johnson for enhancing its business development process in medical field. Dr. Johnson worked with Kinetic Concepts, a developer of therapeutic medical device, for 14 years in commercializing and revolutionizing the developments in wound therapy, skin grafting, tissue engineering, therapeutic hypothermia, and phototherapy.


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