Goodrich to Provide Environmental Data Systems for Embraer Military Aircraft

Goodrich, a global provider of systems and services for homeland security, defense and aerospace markets, has been chosen to provide systems for air data, windshield ice protection, fuel quantity and ice detection for the new military transport aircraft, Embraer KC-390.

The KC-390 aircraft is designed for transporting cargo and troops, medical evacuation, search and rescue operations and in-flight refueling operations.

The Goodrich air data system consists of total air temperature sensors and multi-function SmartProbe products. Data from multi-function sensing probes, air data computer processing and pressure sensors are integrated by the SmartProbe air data sensing technology. Important air data parameters are delivered to the aircraft's air data dependent systems, pilot displays and the flight control system.

The controllers for windshield ice protection are mounted internally and they help prevent ice and condensation formation on the cockpit and windshield windows. The instruments distribute the appropriate amount of power required for the task. The ice detectors warn of any formation of ice on the aircraft, and the crew can activate the ice protection system of the aircraft.

The Goodrich fuel quantity gauging and control system delivers data about the amount of fuel in the aircraft. It can monitor fueling and defueling both during in-flight and on the ground.

Goodrich had earlier been chosen for designing and producing electro-backup hydrostatic actuators, electro-hydrostatic actuators, electrical controls and electronics for the aircraft’s primary control.


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