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Advanced Air-Flow Sensors Facilitate Dryer Vent Cleaning

The ideal method to prevent dryer flames is to clean the dryer outlets. The dryer vent cleaning also decreases the chance of wear and tear on the dryers.

Bob Dougherty has specialized in installation and cleaning of dryer outlets and in instructing the users on the necessity of proper maintenance and he possesses a Dryer Vent Wizard in the Nassau County, NY. Bob explained that if the dryer takes more than one hour to dry clothes it is an indication of a clog in the dryer outlet instead of erosion in it.

The pressure status in the dryer increases over time as fiber materials settle in it and this will block the air passage. In order to indicate the back pressure rates in the dryer ducts an air-flow sensor was invented recently. The sensor is fitted on the dryer tube and a hose, which is connected to a wall-mounted digital pressure sensing device. The sensor is equipped with LED lights and this helps in the detection of the pressure levels. Upon reaching a standard point when the dryer duct cleaning is required, an alarm or a warning light flashes from it and the device starts beeping.

Bob Dougherty is educating the users about the dryer fire avoidance by appropriate dryer vent care. Periodic dryer duct cleaning and proper inspections are advocated for the safe and efficient working of the dryer.

The sensor approach is a novel, advanced safety system that is suitable for smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. The Dryer Vent Wizard is a national licensed company specializing in all types of dryer vent services.

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