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GainSpan Acquires Wi-Fi Authorization for Personal and WPA-WPA2 Security

GainSpan Corporation, a supplier of low power integrated Wi-Fi solutions, has proclaimed that their reference fabrication of the Wi-Fi Sensor has been Wi-Fi authenticated for the Wi-Fi Protected Set-up (WPS).

The Wi-Fi networks can be installed with the relevant Internet, cellular systems and mobile information networks, providing a novel amenity to businesses and individuals. The Wi-Fi has pioneered the wireless technology for enterprise-owned networks and consumers globally.

The WPS is the industry grade advanced by the Wi-Fi Alliance for facilitating the configuration of safe Wi-Fi network.

Almost 50% of the Wi-Fi consumers encounter problems in establishing secure networks and nearly 40% of users neglect the security of their networks. Entering a network is easy with the Wi-Fi security set-up and can be accomplished by simply entering a PIN code or pushing a button without the complications of a pass phrase and a network identity (SSID). The system itself will establish a network that can operate wirelessly using a powerful WPA/WPA2 information encoding and certification and a network title.

This Wi-Fi certification enables the GainSpan clients to utilize the easily accessible appliances and devices and provides assurance that the appliances can be joined to the WPS authenticated Access Points (AP) which corresponds to the major access point’s integrated platform.

Pankaj Vyas, vice president of GainSpan’s software and systems, commented that the Wi-Fi technology enables the association of a broad series of integrated devices in enterprises as well as in homes and they are aiming to advance an uncomplicated method towards incorporating these tools to the network. GainSpan has been devoted for the easy and simple delivery of Wi-Fi over the preceding years, he added.

The Wi-Fi Reference structure of the sensor certified in December, 2009 was the first low power embedded Wi-Fi design to gain authorization for personal security and WPA/WPA2 security in the enterprise status.

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