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Safety Features in Automobiles

As more and more vehicles ply on the road with higher horsepower than ever, the automobile crafters have addressed this important issue to some extent by enhancing crucial safety options, such as airbags, but the need for safety features still remains unresolved. A few of the vital safety features, such as electronic traction control, front and side airbags, ESC (Electronic Stability Control), the pressure monitoring system, the EBA (Emergency Brake Assist), are now available for the vehicles, ensuring safety of both the vehicles and its passengers.

The Electronic Traction Control feature mostly functions with anti-lock brakes. To maintain vehicular control, the wheels must possess traction on the surface of the road which leads to wheelspin and slipping if not used. The system utilizes sensors, to regulate the spinning motion of the wheels, by immediately making use of that wheel’s braking system, and thus decrease slipping, and restore traction control. For some vehicles, the sensor would also diminish the wheel’s engine power to solve the problem.

ESC employs more sensors to ensure that the vehicle is going in the correct direction. These sensors observe the speed of the wheels, yaw rate, steering wheel position, and so on., it would instantaneously activate the brake system on individual wheels if it goes otherwise.

It is mandatory for all vehicles to install front airbags which obtains information, from a crash sensor, including observing the position of the person occupying the seat and his or her weight Taking note of all these details, in case there is an accident, the bag deployment process inflates the bag in a way as to reduce the chance of harm or injury to the passengers.

A new system to monitor the pressure in the tires is available in all the latest cars. If the pressure reduces beyond a certain limit, the system immediately gives signals, to make sure the problem is addressed. The new safety option was made compulsory in 2006 by the federal government.

The EBA is yet another safety feature used in modern cars. Brake assist proves to be an invaluable aid, when a car needs to be stopped rapidly, in order to prevent accidents. This system regulates the speed and force needed to be used, on the brake pedal.

These safety features still seem to be inadequate, and automobile manufacturers are still struggling to enhance driving safety standards, for both the passengers and the car drivers.

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