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Finland's 5G Test Networks Collaborate to Provide the Best 5G Test Environment and Ecosystem

Finland's 5G test networks are joining forces to provide companies with the world's best 5G test environment and ecosystem for research and business development.

Coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, the 5G Test Network Finland (5GTNF) test environment is promoting research and technology development by interconnecting 5G test networks belonging to the 5thGear programme funded by Tekes. This integrated test environment will provide industry, SMEs and start-ups with their first taste of 5G mobile technology functionalities well before 5G becomes commercially available.

"The test environment will serve as an innovation platform which can be utilized by companies to test new products and business models," says Kyösti Rautiola, head of the Radio System Research Team at VTT.

By combining the capabilities of several 5G test networks, 5GTNF will be able to fulfil future 5G research and service development needs on a broader basis.

"5G Test Network Finland will provide Finland with a unique competitive edge in the race towards our digital future. Nokia is an active partner in all Tekes 5G test network projects and has, for example, given demonstrations of novel spectrum sharing concepts with its partners," says Lauri Oksanen, VP Research and Technology Nokia Networks.

The 5GTNF test environment is a joint effort between industry, the academic world and the Finnish government. The consortiums of the 5thGear test network projects collaborating in 5GTNF include global telecommunications vendors, Finnish SMEs, network operators, public authorities, universities and research institutes.

VTT is also a research partner in all four 5thGear test network projects:

5G Test Network (5GTN) is a scalable environment enabling future business model piloting and service development in real-life-like use cases. The test network will also provide a platform for testing and developing the 5G system's technology components.

The test network of the Cognitive Radio Trial Environment (CORE++) project provides a unique testing environment for trialling of new spectrum-sharing concepts for future mobile broadband systems.

The Future of UHF Frequency Band (FUHF) project explores and tests the impacts of the changing media environment and future media consumption formats on the business models of various actors in mobile communications and broadcasting ecosystems.

The 5th Evolution Take of Wireless Communication Networks (TAKE-5) project creates a multidisciplinary and open research platform for the investigation and experimental evaluation of innovative ideas in networking, services and new business models for 5G.


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