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ABI Research Foretells Improved Wireless Sensor Network Markets

The financial downswing of the previous years has affected the wireless sensor market, and it is taking its full swing currently.

The 802.15.4 chipset dispatch was lowered by nearly 30% in 2009 in comparison with the early years. The recent ABI Research analysis on the WSN trade recorded a tremendous rise in the current year shipment on wireless sensor networks and is likely to move the 10 million shipments of chipset in 2009 to 645 million demand in 2015 with a 99.6% CAGR.

Jonathan Collins, principal analyst at ABI Research, stated that the wireless sensor networking market was down in 2009 because the experimental project of the developing technology was held up during that time and that now a greater demand for the wireless networks have strengthened their market value.

The economy was not the only criteria that influenced the growth of the market and various markets have experienced different rates of adoption. The up-swing for the 802.15.4 oriented shipments dominated the conventional proprietary solutions.

The ZigBee RF4CE home recreation systems imparts considerable market growth. Although ZigBee is at a great distance from the unique 802.15.4-oriented technology that supplies short range wireless connection, it is dominating the adoption of home automation and “smart energy”. The other major areas for the WSN endorsement are in industrial automation, buildings and homes.

The study on “Wireless Sensor Networking Markets” by ABI Research evaluates the entire business for 802.15.4 IEEE. The report examines 802.15.4 and calculates the Wireless HART and ZigBee standards for identifying factors that drive and influence business and explains the advancing technology and aggressive solutions. The anticipation surpasses various standards by the market uprights leading with energy management, AMI or Smart Metering, building automation, home entertainment, home automation, medical/healthcare applications and industrial automation.

This is covered in ABI Research Services such as Wireless Sensor Networks and M2M comprising various other Market Data, ABI Insights, Research Briefs, Research Reports, analyst inquiry support and ABI Vendor Matrix.

ABI Research facilitates a thorough analysis and quantitative foresight of the swings in emerging technologies and global connectivity. The global research team of ABI Research from Europe, North America and Asia promotes research and advisory services.


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