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Norway’s Flesland Airport to Employ Sensis Multilateration and VeeLo NextGen

Sensis Corporation’s multilateration and VeeLo NextGen vehicle locators have been chosen by Norway’s Air Navigation Service Provider, Avinor AS, for Flesland, Norway’s second busiest airport at Bergen.

These locators will be used for scrutiny of the taxiways, runways and stand areas, together with the position of the vehicles functioning on the surface, so that the air traffic controllers can augment both the efficiency and safety features of the airport for all types of weather

Avinor’s Director, Per Ingar Skaar maintained that, the most important factor for choosing Sensis for Bergen, was the well established and thriving multilateration systems of Sensis, which were functioning at other key airports. He believed that the system would deliver accurate locations and recognition of vehicles and airplanes on the surface level, so that intrusions could be diminished and efficiency augmented.

This system utilizes several non revolving, maintenance free sensors, to survey the positions of the vehicular traffic, by using transponder signals, and transmit the requisite information to the air controllers, notwithstanding the type of weather. When compared to conventional radar models, these sensors have a greater rate of update and also positional accurateness, and hence facilitate efficient surveillance processes, for attaining better levels in efficiency, capacity and safety of airspace involved. It uses advanced processing methods, and hence requires a small number of sensors to provide a simple yet economical solution. Further each system is capable of ADS-B (automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast), which is not only sufficient for the present day needs, but will also take care of the future avionic needs. Roughly 100 locations in the world have preferred Sensis multilateration for their airport surveillance requirements.

According to John Jarell, General Manager and Vice President of Sensis, this system is built on several years of experience in the deployment of surface mulilateration systems globally, and that future airport expansion could also be accommodated.

VeeLo NextGen is an ultra compact, portable equipment, enclosed in a strong housing, which is weather resistant. It is fixed to the outer surface of an aircraft or vehicle, to transmit information to air controllers about location of vehicles plying on the surface. The vehicle locator reaches its position with the help of a SBAS (satellite-based augmentation system)-facilitated GPS receiver, and transmits its identity and location via a Mode S Extended Squitter ADS-B message configuration. VeeLo mechanically switches off, when the vehicle leaves the movement area, to competently utilize the available aviation range.

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