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Rapiscan Systems Adds Radiation Detection Capabilities to its Line of Metor Walk-Through Metal Detectors

Rapiscan Systems, a leading global supplier of security inspection systems, today announced the addition of radiation detection capabilities to its line of Metor walk-through metal detection products. The design of the radiation detection option employs technology, components and concepts used on other Rapiscan radiation detection products, which have been proven in deployments for many years at airports, seaports and border crossings worldwide.

In the last two decades the International Atomic Energy Agency has received reports of nearly 2,500 incidents of trafficking radioactive materials. The integration of radiation detection into Rapiscan’s walk-through metal detectors helps to prevent these types of incidents by giving operators the ability to simultaneously screen people for metallic and radioactive material threats.

“To stay ahead of the challenging and evolving threat environment, we have made creating smarter, integrated technology a priority,” said Pak Chin, President, Rapiscan Systems. “Our radiation detection option is an effective solution for countering very real threats such as smuggling of nuclear materials that are used to build atomic weapons, and commercial and medical isotopes, which are key ingredients in dirty bombs. We are proud to add these capabilities to our existing top-of-the-line metal detection products.”

By fully integrating Rapiscan’s advanced radiation detection capabilities with existing Metor walk-through metal detector products, there is no change in the people screening operation or checkpoint configuration. With the added radiation inspection capabilities, customers walking through the metal detector are also screened for gamma radiation or gamma and neutron radiation. When the system is not occupied by a person being screened, it automatically measures the surrounding background radiation. Radiation alarms are clearly signaled with lights and sounds to alert operators.

The new integrated radiation detection features are compatible with the Metor 6M, Metor 6S and Metor 6E products. Radiation detection is available with new Metor units or as a field-deployable addition to existing units. The new capabilities meet the radiation detection requirements of applicable standards for radiation inspection of people, including ANSI N42.35, IEC 62244, and IAEA standards for pedestrian security inspection.


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