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Sensor Technology’s LoadSense Executes Wireless Data Transmission

An intelligent load sensing device, LoadSense, has been advanced by Sensor Technology in UK which facilitates the weighing process to be incorporated with handling functions.

The new device tracks live information from forklifts, cranes and other handling systems, and furnishes wireless transmission of the data for further storage and evaluation.


The LoadSense assembled around a smart load sensor constitutes a smart load sensing device, a hand-operated display and a receiving system. The unique chip, on-board computer stores, validates and registers the output readings.

The load information is transmitted to NI’s LabView and Windows XP software supported touchscreen computer by means of a transmitter. The display exhibits real-time load measurements and the computer stores and processes the data.

The battery-operated LoadSense can be utilized with least disruption to the operations, and performs automatic transmission of the information. The device can be integrated with any handling device and operated easily without any training.

The sensor works on the principle of strain gauge technology, and is graded for 1 to 5 tonnes of standard measurements and with other flexible measurements upon request.

Sensor Technology states that the devise can modify the productivity and profitability of a variety of industrial applications. For example, it calculates the quantity of the materials that have to be transported and traces numerous concurrently used materials for separate calibrations.

Tony Ingham, Sensor Technology commented that the smart devices are exploited in warehouse operations and material-handling for the conversion of crude data to direct stock estimation.

The load sense system can be installed, without using wires, to the MES systems or Scada, generating immediate functional reports and the bills can be mailed electronically. It also ensures operating security since the operators can be shifted from insecure areas.



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