Samsung’s OmniPro Attributes Multi-Sensor Technology for Smart Cooking

Samsung declared that its innovative microwave oven, OmniPro will be launched in the market this month.

The OmniPro is based on specific multi-sensor technology and is equipped with an advanced humidity and weight sensor which permits the oven to plan, cook and observe the complete cooking process from the initial step to the final stage.

The OmniPro oven offers 32 distinct cooking options and the users can choose the desired program that will recommend the appropriate accessories for smart cooking, measure the quantity of food and will calculate the standard time required for cooking. A humidity sensing devise works concurrently to confirm that the food is cooked properly.

The unique model has a bottom door with a big LCD exposition besides an ordered instinctive control which instructs the user throughout the entire selection method. Though its size is small it supports 36L cooking capacity.

The specialized Sensor defrost system equipped in the oven utilizes a unique accessory for monitoring the time needed for defrosting with respect to the product’s weight and thus guarantees that the food is completely defrosted prior to usage. The ‘Keep Warm’ option keeps the plates and food warm before serving.

The characteristic steam clean method minimizes the traces of food left over in the internal ceramic enamel surface making the disinfecting and cleaning process easier.

A wide range of accessories including the Crusty Plate, which transfers heat to the upper as well as the lower portions of the dish, used for browning, grilling and baking quiches, pizzas, or pastries, is also available with the oven.

Jody Johnson, Product Manager, Samsung home appliances stated that the OmniPro provides effort-free cooking solutions to the busy users with its varied combination of cooking options and delivers delicious dishes simply by pressing the necessary buttons and he also added that its huge capacity can cater a complete family.


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