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MDT to Release Series of Ultra-Low Power TMR Magnetic Switch Sensors

MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd. (MDT), a leading supplier of magnetic sensors specializing in Tunneling Magnetoresistive sensors (TMR sensors), will release a series of ultra-low power, small hysteresis TMR magnetic switch sensors, TMR1340/TMR1341/TMR1343/TMR1345, featuring a switching point from 14 Gauss to 72 Gauss with small hysteresis, ultra-low power at 1.5microAmperes in high-speed operation, with open-drain output, and an ultra-compact 2x1.5mm LGA package.

They are an ideal choice for industrial proximity switches, pneumatic cylinder switches, and liquid level switches that require precise measurement of position and displacement, excellent temperature stability, and versatility to adapt to different types of magnets and stroke lengths.

"MDT's new TMR134X series enriches our existing magnetic switch sensor product line with new solutions for high-end industrial applications that can operate in harsh environments without sacrificing performance, power, and size advantages. Backed by our strong IP portfolio and advanced manufacturing facilities, MDT will continue developing innovative TMR sensor products to satisfy broad application requirements, including high sensitivity, large dynamic range, small hysteresis, ultra-low power, high-speed, and outstanding temperature performance, which are the unique benefits of our patented TMR sensor technology that are difficult to realize using other magnetic sensing technologies available on the market." said Dr. Song Xue, Chairman and CEO of MultiDimension Technology.


Switch Type

Voltage (V)

Power (microAmperes)

Operating Mode

Sensitive Direction

BOP (Gauss)

BRP (Gauss)




















The new TMR134X magnetic switches are additions to MDT's growing TMR12xx/TMR13xx magnetic switch series that is designed for a variety of industrial and consumer applications.

TMR12xx/TMR13xx Series Typical Applications and Suggested Products:

  • Proximity Switches, Pneumatic Cylinder Switches, Liquid Level Switches: TMR1340/TMR1341/TMR1343/TMR1345 with high sensitivity, small hysteresis, ultra-low power, small size, open-drain driving capability, and fast response time;
  • Smart Flow Meters including water/gas/heat meters, Position/Speed Sensors, Electrical Toys: TMR1202/TMR1302 with ultra-low power, fast response;
  • Motor and Fan Control: TMR1250/TMR1251/TMR1350 in high-voltage and high-speed operation;
  • Wireless Door/Window Switches, Intelligent Medical Appliances etc: TMR1208/TMR1308 with ultra-high sensitivity, ultra-low power, fast response.


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