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Trolex Releases a Novel Series of Switching Sensors

Trolex, a global manufacturer of sensing devices for dangerous areas and mining security, has released its new series of switching devices for contact-free position inspection and limit switching in heavy-duty functions.

The high quality sensors permit the connections directly to the existing circuits or to the monitoring devices. The precise devices employ uncomplicated switching and digital sensing equipments for successful monitoring.

Switching sensors

The new series comprises numerous common switches for contact-free position identification and limit switching including the heavy-duty TX1004 Magnetic Proximity Switch with a wide operational range, selection of magnets for operation and enables counting, positioning and proving on haulages and machines. The separate magnetic reed output requires no power and the integrated terminal box equipped with large terminals confines strength and shielding against water and dust to IP57. The switch is consistent with the operating magnetTX1080 and offers a selection of one or two galvanic independent output contact with a 60mm nominal distance of operation with a TX1080 magnet switch.

The new TX5533 Ferro Proximity Switch is a heavy-duty switch induced by an object made of ferrous metal with a galvanic isolated output contact. The TX5533 monitors the position of mobile metal components of the machinery for positioning and counting such as vehicles, brakes, rolling stock machines and haulages.

The TX5534 can also be employed for heavy-duty purposes and is a Bistable Proximity Switch which is flexible to the TX1080 operational magnet’s direction of motion. The unique gavanically isolated contact builds up as the magnet moves and again resets as the magnet comes back, for use in machine limit identification and overtravel monitoring as well as in vehicle zoning and counting.

The TX5535 Proximity devise reacts to any of the metal actuator present and produces high level NAMUR solid state design output. The sensor can be connected directly to all the Trolex sensors and has an accuracy level detecting devise for measuring and inspecting the speed of the toothed wheels.


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