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Multi-tasking Auto Sensors in Automobile Industry

Consequent to the speedy expansion of the auto industry, more and more sensors are being used in automobiles, especially in fields such as lane departure warning systems, auto electronic control systems and blind spot detection systems. To cater to the demands for comfort, entertainment and environmental friendly devices, it is envisaged that there will be a steep rise in the sensor market, from 8 billion in 2007 to 13.5 billion dollars.

Currently, there is a constant demand for auto sensors, which are input devices for computer systems. This device can transmit data such as speed, engine conditions and temperatures of different mediums, to electronic signals, which in turn can be transferred to computers, resulting in engines performing under near ideal conditions. As more and more components of the automobiles are electronically controlled, sensors play a vital role in the entire functioning of the vehicle.

Auto sensors prove to be the chief components of the system, being the source of information for the systems which are electronically controlled. At present, for a regular family sized car, innumerable sensors are used in the engine control system, navigation system and pan control system. Highly industrial countries like the U.S. have such systems in place already. More sophisticated and multitasking sensors are fast replacing the conventional models of the past, in the automobile industry.


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