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IntelliNet Sensors Debuts MR60-A Breathing Detector of Concealed Laboratory Animals

IntelliNet Sensors, Inc., a developer of multi-sensor breathing and heartbeat detectors, announced the launch of its MR60-A™ breathing detector of concealed laboratory animals.

The present state of scientific knowledge requires the testing of new medicines and therapies in animals, which is guided by regulatory authorities worldwide to ensure the quality, efficacy and safety of the medicines being discovered. The humane treatment of animals such as rats, mice, and reptiles is an essential requirement to the scientific testing process and is the responsibility of any civilized society. Additionally, by properly managing their confinement, the accidental death or loss of these animals during the transportation and cleaning of their containers will be prevented. As a means of facilitating the confinement management process, the MR60-A has been designed to detect the existence of live animals in laboratory containers. It is a laptop size, portable or mountable device on a 2-D programmable scanner, and operates without the need of physical contact to the containers. Using ultra wideband frequencies, the sensor detects the breathing or motion of animals or newly born babies. Contrary to visual inspections that are prone to human errors and the subsequent discarding and cleaning of contents inside a laboratory test container, the MR60-A sensor integrated with MS60-A, a portable and programmable 2D stepper and scanner system does not allow for any missed detection, making it a quintessential technology for the humane treatment of animals.

"As long as it remains necessary to use animals in the discovery, development, evaluation and production of new medicines, laboratories are obligated to maintaining high standards in the humane treatment of animals. Automated detection of occupied containers in real-time ensures proper treatment of animals and offers a solution at fraction of the current operating cost of traditional visual inspection," commented Dr. Fred Mohamadi, Founder and President of IntelliNet Sensors.

About IntelliNet Sensors, Inc.

IntelliNet Sensors, Inc. (INS) is a privately held U.S. company that develops advanced electronic modules with very small form factors, highly integrated functionality, and advanced performance for a wide range of commercial applications. INS has more than twenty granted patents, as well as numerous pending patent applications. Because each is specifically related to breathing and heartbeat detection technology at extended ranges, INS is uniquely positioned to serve medical research facilities, port authorities, border protection agencies, local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, and first responder communities in spreading their life-saving efforts globally.

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