SPIE Events to Showcase Sensors for Safety issues and Monitoring Floods

Two simultaneous events are to be conducted between 20th and 23rd September, in Toulouse, at the Centre de Congrès, namely the SPIE Remote Sensing(17th year), and the SPIE Security and Defence (7th year), showcasing progress in futuristic satellites, sensors, LIDAR, electro-optical remote sensing and so on. An attendance of 800 or more, has been predicted, most of them being global scientists and developers.

A total of 40 organizations connected to security and defense operations, would be exhibiting on both the 21st and 22nd September, and to attend this event, registration must be carried out with either the Remote sensing congress, or Security and Defence.

The Remote Sensing event would incorporate an exclusive conference on LIDAR measurements, including those utilized last year, to detect the structure and movements of ash clouds, emitted by the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland. One other event would spotlight the European SMOS satellite, which is being employed in tracking Pakistan’s flooded, saturated soils. The data collected by the sensor would recognize the soil, which is very close to reaching saturation levels, and thus help in predicting future floods. Plenary discussions would be given by Vernon Singhroy from the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing on RADARSAT application program; and Pascale Ultré-Guérard from CNES on CNES and Earth observation. GOSAT’s data will be presented in a workshop.

The symposium Chair is NASA Headquarters’ Steven P. Neeck and Symposium Co-chair is Karin Stein of Fraunhofer-IOSB Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation. The Remote Sensing event is sponsored by SPIE along with other organizations The Security and Defence event will host conferences which would link underpinning technological applications in advanced defence and security processes, and basic optical science. This event will handle futuristic challenges in fields, such as military operations, peace-keeping in urban theatres and network-centric warfare/network-enabled capabilities. The Plenary talks would be presented by Sagem Defense and Security’s Jean-Thierry Audren on European photonics research for security operations; Adam Ogilvie-Smith from UK’s Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism on new technological ideas to crack the trials and tribulations created by crime fighting and counter-terrorism operations; and Emmanuel Rosencher from ONERA and École Polytechnique on optronics for space, security and defence solutions. Papers pertaining to the conference happenings would be published in the SPIE Digital Library in digital and hard copies soon after approval is obtained.

Source: http://www.spie.org/

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