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Rugid Computer Launches the Innovative WiSI

Rugid Computer launches a series of wireless data acquisition products, the WiSI, (Wireless Sensor Interface), developed exclusively for quick operations to monitor and command remote sensors. WiSI is a compact self-powered radio and data acquisition device, encased in an IP-67 rated, weatherproof outdoor package.

Wireless Sensor Interface

By operating as a separate entity the WiSI eliminates the problems faced by earlier remote monitoring devices, such as prohibitive costs, or difficult installation and maintenance processes. It is available in three low- power consuming models, and as batteries are not used, regular maintenance is not needed. One model has a solar panel incorporated along with free energy storage utilities, and can be used for almost seven days without sunlight. The  other two models have an external power source of 12VDC, and are perfect for energy harvesting applications.

WiSI includes a 2.4 GHz radio, four analog inputs, an antenna or a RP-SMA connector, four digital inputs and outputs each, along with 5V and 18VDC device, providing up to 25 mA, to power many sensors or even a mA loop. They also come along with a current supply of quarter milliamp, used to power a RS232 port and RTDs, for being in touch with the unit setup and other equipments being used. Safe transmission of data is done by a 128-bit AES encryption along with a customized key. A range of 2 miles can be covered by star networks with 16 nodes, while for covering more distances or larger data collection, tree networks with 254 nodes per network are used. Its distinctive physical form permits easy installation on to a 2 inch diameter pipe or a backpan. It could also be effortlessly integrated into the already available systems, through Modbus RTU communication protocol, and its free set-up software gives the users, freedom to monitor settings such as measurement frequency, for every node.

According to Brady Melchior, Vice President of Rugid Computer, the forward thinking WiSI has no competitors, and its multiple features included in a portable pack, makes it a highly versatile product. It also has a one year limited warranty feature.


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