Bromma Advances Load Sensing Technology

Bromma, a leading manufacturer of load spreaders in containers, has advanced its spreader safety solutions range by developing a novel load sensing technology for use in the spreader twist locks.

Load Sensing system from Bromma

Bromma stated that wrong declaration of the weight of the container is a major risk factor in container handling industries. The load sensor attached at the twist locks in the spreader is capable of measuring the weight of the container, detects wrong statement of container weight or overloads and tracks unusual loads that are not balanced

Bromma added that the new system functions without disturbing the common port activities and yield. The sensor system also keeps tracking the containers whenever they are uplifted from the trailer trucks by the cranes, during the period when the edges of the structure are attached to the container.

A company personnel stated that the load sensing system aids in preventing accidents, avoids the container stack collisions that occur in overloaded containers, ensures secure working conditions for port workers and lessens the commercial risk factors.


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