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EyeVolume – box volume measurement with EyeVision 3D

EVT presents the new 3D EyeVolume measurement system with the Bluetechnix Time of Flight sensor and the new user interfaced based on the EyeVision image processing software.

The Time of Flight 3D scanner measures the volume of boxes and other containers. For this the EVT team has created with the EyeVision Process Mode Layout Editor a user interface for the easy-handling of the EyeVolume commands.

First the container or box has to be put under the 3D scanner with closed lids. Then the EyeScan BT 3D scanner is measuring the height, length and width of the box and also the position. The box is then configured. Each container has to be configured or respectively taught-in only once, as the data of each box is saved to the data base from where the data can be loaded again when using similar boxes.

After the teach-in the box has to be opened. And the user only has to click onto “measure volume” and then “start” to carry out the volume measurement of the EyeVision software.

Two main characters of the system are:

1. The container has not to be aligned as the system detects the container in any rotation and position.

2. When filling the box the software immediately measures and calculates the remaining volume in the box.

The results are sent to the host computer with either RS232, Ethernet or Profinet. A change in boxes is recognized by the host computer immediately and the once taught-in box has not to be taught-in again.

Eye Vision Technology develops tools to create machine vision solutions using simple drag-and-drop interfaces. All EVT tools run on all hardware platforms, vision sensors, smart cameras, embedded systems as well as on standard PCs with different camera interfaces e.g. USB, IEEE1394, GigE, Camera Link® and CoaXPress®.

EVT create OEM and industry solutions, e.g. semiconductor, food, automotive and solar, based on their suite of tools.

EVT's flagship product is the EyeVision Software, which is adapted to all hardware platforms, and is available as a graphic programmable tool as well as a library or a script based solution toolset.

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