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Tamar’s WTS Measures TSV Depth and Wafer Thickness

Tamar Technology acquired orders for Through-Silicon Via (TSV) measurement technology, from two main semiconductor equipment producers. The proprietary Wafer Thickness Sensor (WTS) of Tamar can calculate TSVs etch depth and wafer thickness for single or multiple wafers. This non-destructive technology is the unique method that is capable of measuring all types of TSV, irrespective of the depth or diameter.

According to David Grant, Tamar Technology’s president, they have already delivered one system and the second one will be supplied within the fourth quarter of 2010 and that the two systems will be deployed in the development process of wafer thinning and TSV etching. He commented that the technology is non-destructive, facilitates process monitoring and can be accomplished rapidly with less expenditure. Using this technology a wafer can be etched many times, avoiding harmful and costly scanning electron microscope measurement techniques, he added.

Grant reveals that the thinning wafer development processes takes advantage of the WTS technology for developing a wafer thickness map which will show the working condition of the equipment provided the thinned wafers are consistent.

Russ Dudley, vice president of sales, Tamar stated that such orders for their technology from major producers indicate their trust in Tamar’s technologies and are gratified by the acceptance of their products in the market.

Tamar proclaimed that they are operating on complete automated production units that can be incorporated into 200 mm as well as 300 mm fabs. The novel systems are likely to be marketed in early 2011.


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