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SignalFire Introduces Wireless Pressure Scout For Remote Pressure Monitoring and Alarm Applications

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry introduces the Pressure Scout, an intrinsically safe wireless pressure sensor that supports pressure monitoring and alarm reporting as part of the SignalFire Remote Sensing System.  

The first in a line of wireless integrated sensors, the Pressure Scout consists of a pressure sensor integrated with a wireless node and internal battery.  The Pressure Scout is a low-cost alternative to conduit-wired or other wireless pressure monitoring solutions.  

Ideal applications for the Pressure Scout include well tubing and casing pressure monitoring, tank level monitoring and compressor station status monitoring.  

As part of a wireless remote monitoring and control network, the Pressure Scout provides a robust, long-range (up to ½ mile) transmission to the Signal Fire Gateway where pressure data becomes available via a Modbus RTU or TCP interface.  

Available in standard pressure ranges, the Pressure Scout performs rapid (5 sec) pressure sampling with configurable alarm reporting (report by exception).  

Units offer local pushbutton zeroing. Operable in temperature ranges from -40ºC (104ºF) to 80ºC (176ºF), the Pressure Scout operates in challenging outdoor environments, sustaining signal strength through terrain, structures, or weather.  Class 1, Division 1 certification is pending.  

Operating on extremely low power, the Pressure Scout utilizes an internal battery that powers the integrated pressure sensor and radio for up to 10 years.

For example, an application requiring a five second pressure sample interval for alarming, with a one minute reporting interval will last for 6.5 years. Extremely compact, units are both easy to install and maintain.  

Unit list price is $595.  For additional information on the Pressure Scout, refer to the website at

About SignalFire Wireless Telemetry

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry designs and manufactures wireless telemetry products that enable robust, long-distance wireless communication connecting multiple devices in challenging outdoor environments.  In 2015, the company became a part of the TASI Group and the TASI Flow Division.  SignalFire joins the TASI Flow family, a global leader in flow instrumentation, with brands including TRICOR Coriolis, AW Gear Meters, KEM Küppers, LitreMeter, and Vögtlin Thermal Mass Flow Meters and Controllers.   For more information about SignalFire, visit

About the TASI Group

The TASI Group of Companies is comprised of three technologically advanced product platforms commonly linked by a disciplined focus on Test, Measurement, and Assembly. Each TASI company delivers products and services to today’s world manufacturing environments, focusing on Automotive, Medical Devices, Oil and Gas, Plastic Containers, Consumer and General Industrial markets. For more information about the TASI Group, visit their Web site at

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