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Sensibo Announces Release of New Turnkey IoT Solution

Sensibo, developer of IoT solutions for appliances, today announced the launch of Sensibo Inside, its newly launched turnkey IoT solution that enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and distributors to turn any appliance into a smart device without the need for expensive and lengthy R&D cycles or product redesign. Sensibo is partnering with Blue Star, a leading air conditioning company in India, to integrate Sensibo Inside in homes across India. The company also announced that it raised a $2.6 million seed funding round led by Motus Ventures, including investment from Lool Ventures.

“Sensibo is the building block of smart connectivity,” said Jim DiSanto, managing director of Motus Ventures. “It immediately and inexpensively turns any appliance into a smart, connected device, presenting an opportunity for manufacturers to better engage with customers and expand from simply selling products to providing real-time, actionable and revenue-generating insights.”

Blue Star will integrate Sensibo Inside to connect air conditioners to the cloud, immediately enabling remote monitoring and control, scheduling and autonomous operations. Air conditioners will automatically turn off when the home is empty and turn back on before everyone’s arrival, fostering advanced energy savings.

“For manufacturers, not enabling appliances to connect and communicate is a missed opportunity, but the associated R&D costs, hardware and software integration efforts and time to market have made it difficult and oftentimes not feasible,” said Omer Enbar, CEO of Sensibo. “Sensibo Inside, on the other hand, can be preinstalled at the factory or retrofitted into any air conditioner and other appliances, in under 60 seconds.”

Sensibo is a scalable and reliable climate control solution, bringing value to distributors, OEMs and customers. The Sensibo platform provides OEMs with an advanced analytics engine that turns millions of data points generated by customers into meaningful visual and accessible reports. Sensibo’s platform improves customer service by responding to malfunction alerts and automatically sending notifications for air filter replacement.

With Sensibo, the air conditioner can also be easily connected to the utility’s demand response management system (DRMS) so that the consumer can earn money from participation in the utility’s energy savings programs. Sensibo’s solution can connect with other IoT platforms such as IFTTT, SmartThings, Amazon Echo, Apple HomeKit and many others.


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