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ifm Efector Launches Color Monitoring Sensor for High-Speed Objects

The color monitoring sensor O5C500 is capable of examining and distinguishing the existence of objects in any rapid-moving body by means of color without making any errors.

O5C500 color sensor

The unique color sensor employs RGB technology to discharge green, red and blue light vibrations from the transmitter of the sensor. The receiver in the sensor verifies the pulsed light that has been emitted from the object to detect the actual color for recognition.

The O5C500 color sensor’s high resolution offers a selectable five tolerance processes that accurately distinguishes even minor variations in the shade of the colors. An easy single-step instructive function rapidly validates the specifications of an application.

The self-identification output automatically activates a switching output to a NPN or PNP functionality. The programmable light-on or dark-on option is available with the sensor. Precise color identification even in fast-moving applications is made easy by its 2,000 Hz switching frequency.

The connector in the sensor spins in an angle of 270° for appropriate alignment in various directions and rapidly gets fixed in an application employing one of ifm’s easily installable mounting brackets.

The Micro DC segment provides a flexible sensing range in the order of 15mm to 19mm with a light unit in the diameter of 2mm x 6mm.


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