Gleichmann Electronics to Market SensorDynamics’ Products

Gleichmann Electronics is currently a pan-European supplier for the entire ASIC and sensor product series of the Lebring-based SensorDynamics, a leading MEMS expert in Austria. SensorDynamics presently focuses on three major product systems such as Intelligent Sensor Interface (ISIF), Inertial Microsensor Systems (IMMS) and Wireless Sensors (WISE).

The inertial sensor system offers in-built microcontrollers, integrated DSP cores and fail-safe operations which satisfy the SIL2 and SIL3 safety measures of the automotive sectors.

According to Juergen Tittel, SensorDynamics’ Vice President for the Marketing & Sales Division, Gleichmann Electronics is a suitable supplier for their products since the MSC Gleichmann group company possesses great system expertise and their design-in oriented system integrator systems provides technical aid to the consumers throughout the validation process till the complete life of the product in the supply chain.

Ralf Sommer, Business Development Director at Gleichmann Electronics, identifies an advanced enhancement in the recent and structured product series of SensorDynamics to the current products by the MSC Group. He stated that the sensor system is significant in the manufacturing processes in automobile industries, consumer sectors, building automation and in medical technology applications. He further said that, by supplying SensorDynamics’ single and multi-axial gyroscopic devices in QFN and SOIC packages, secure combo sensors and the digital, analog and HF combinational single chip functionalities, they can widen their system expertise and can inturn help their clients to secure a constant competitiveness in the market segments.


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