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MSHA Endorses Draeger Gas Monitors

Draeger Safety, has declared that the U.S Department of Labor and MSHA (Mining and Safety Health Administration), have ratified their products, Draeger X-am 5000 and the X-am 5000 HC (High Concentration) multi-gas monitors, to be used in both surface and underground mines in the U.S.

These progressive monitors are capable of measuring up to five toxic gases, such as methane up to 100%, oxygen, CO, NO2, and H2S. Using the DraegerSensors, the X-am 5000 HC gas monitor, along with a clip-on pump constantly measures methane and the other gases, and also signals the workers, when methane concentration levels exceed more than 5%.

According to Rick Wanek, Draeger’s Product Manager (Portable Gas Detection), currently the spotlight is on mine safety, and hence more weightage is given for checking out areas with high methane concentrations, i.e. above the 5% volatile limit. Every nook and corner of the mine is checked, especially behind roof bolts, seals and other working regions of the mine. This measurement is a crucial safety operation, and trustworthy handy monitors are essential for the performance of the safety tests. The X-am 5000 personal gas monitor also incessantly measures and cautions the workers when detrimental gases and organic vapors are present in the surroundings. Customized Instrument configuration is also available, to handle varying operational needs.

Both these monitors can work for long durations (12 hours or more), and are thus ideally suited for emergencies and extensive shifts. They are encased in a hard-shell along with an overmold that is shock absorbent, and also safeguard the monitors from dust, water, dirt and collisions or falls. The precision feature of the sensors, assists in detecting explosive or volatile hydrocarbons rapidly. The sensors also offer resistance to pressure changes which are found when entering a mine, which is a plus point as far as the mining industry is concerned. For rapid checking out of the functioning of the sensors and alarm testing, a bump test station is also provided.

Wanek stated that mine safety being of paramount importance, real and latent dangers must be recognized immediately, and prevention operations are to be carried out. If volatile gases are found, then the mine workers should be cautioned and ample time should be given to them to leave the hazardous area.

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