ATS Introduces Advanced ATVS-2020 System for Air Velocity and Temperature Monitoring

A handy and weight-less thermal wire anemometer ATVS-2020 is capable of monitoring the temperature and velocity of air automatically. The system reads multiple-point or single-point air velocity and temperature and contains miniature sensing devices which facilitate least distractions in the flow patterns.

The temperature and velocity of the air can be measured employing a single and the ATVS-2020 device integrates a maximum of 32 sensors for accurate multiple-point mapping of the target area. The system’s standard design allows consumers to exploit eight or less sensor ports at the beginning and then can be extended upto 32, based on their requirements.

The ATVS-2020 system can be deployed with the whole series of ATS sensors inclusive of ATS’ Candlestick device. The Candlestick Sensing device monitors the air velocity and temperature for performing flow measurement of the air and validation of the temperature. The single sensing device exploited for both the operations help in saving cost and the time and avoids damage to the sensor, since there is no necessity for shifting the device from one location to the other for performing the tasks.

The specific system can be linked to almost all the PCs by using a USB adaptor or an RS232 for its functioning. The user-friendly in-built software, StageVIEW, collects the necessary information and produces comprehensive reports based on it. The calculation time is controlled by the storage size of the PC and the information can be processed rapidly for yielding precise test results. The improved StageVIEW software is capable of performing the testing processes and thereby eliminating the need for manual operation.

The ATVS-2020 system can be deployed for performing wide variety of applications in various fields such as on ATCA chassis and boards, thermal analysis on computing electronic enclosures or telecommunications, temperature analysis of medical systems during the configuration of products, on embedded systems and for monitoring the model aircraft’s air velocity in wind tunnels during its development.

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