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Toyota Launches Innovative Lift-Truck with Enhanced Safety Measures

U.S.A-based Toyota Material Handling, Inc. (TMHU) celebrated their 20th anniversary with the launch of its innovative eight-series lift truck which is an electrical truck with four-wheels with advanced safety measures to lessen the tip-over or overturn which leads to dangerous lift-truck accidents.

According to Martin Boyd, vice-president, product planning and marketing, TMHU, the novel eight-Series lift truck works on System of Active Stability (SAS) technology of Toyota and employs sensors that have the capability to determine the un-effectiveness unsteadiness of the lift truck and transmits the data to an electronic controlling device for directing the operations that are needed to provide stability to the trucks.

Boyd stated that Toyota has been implementing the technology since 1999 and from then they have been integrating the lift truck systems with their SAS sensors and that their unique truck safety solution technology is the leading safety system of that kind accessible in the market till date.

The SAS system utilizes four different sensors each for speed, height, load and yaw-rate detection for eliminating the instability of the lift trucks which leads to lateral or forward tip-over.

The forward incline angle control in the SAS monitors the weight of the load and height of the pole and instantaneously overrules the supervisor’s manual operation to restrict the forward inclination. This inturn prevents the forward tilting of the truck as well as the fall out of the load.On identifying the lateral instability SAS automatically activates the rear axle providing lateral stability and avoiding the side tip-over.

The innovative lift truck presents novel and advanced ergonomical parameters to elevate the comfort level of the operator eliminating the chances of musculoskeletal injuries to the truck operators. The advanced truck offers a quality suspension seat made out of vinyl with four side modifications, enhanced to and fro seat adjustability and safety seat belts. The lift-truck is also equipped with Ergo-Shift supported hydraulic joystick controls and mini-levers with modified three-way armrest to ensure safety level of the operator and to raise the yield, Toyota stated.

According to Brett Wood, president of TMHU, the advanced eight-Series truck is the robust AC electric truck featuring improved hydraulic systems and AC drives with modified speeds to a maximum of 21 %.


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