Sentec Releases Iris electric sensors for Power Management in Utility Firms

Sentec has proclaimed the release of a novel electric sensor, the Iris, which works on the principle of Rogowski coil-based current sensor to furnish precise monitoring in utility sectors for the network management and low power distribution applications. Mostly the distribution firms are unaware of the electric loads and the equilibrium of the phases on the distribution lines.

The Iris sensor is capable of inspecting the outputs from the transformer facilitating the correct provision of repairs and updates to the grid, to avoid overload in the transformer and to enhance its lifespan. The novel data accessible from the transformer energy readings and the smart meter information by the Iris sensor permits the balancing of both the information, for energy-theft identification and for comprehending the network topology of the low voltage grids.

The sensor monitors and locates the disorder in the network. The dual model of the Iris enables the utility firms to carry out the installation operations effectively. The high-quality annular design can be implemented easily into the novel grids, while the C-modeled or open aperture pattern should be installed without disturbing the circuits. This inturn will enable the utility sectors to update the distribution grids without turning off the power supply to the consumers.


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