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BioResonator Gains New Orders from Distributors for IOP Devices

BioResonator AB, after receiving CE’s approval, is now ready to sell its products throughout the European Union. They have gained new orders from many distributors. According to Mikael Lindblad, BioResonator’s CEO, a lot of positive attention was gained, when they participated in the Paris ESCRS conference for ophthalmologists.

The company’s ART Servo Controlled and ART Manual, being highly simple and precise devices, used in glaucoma diagnostics, created a huge impact on the group of eye specialists present. They could also be utilized as a screening and follow-up device, in primary health care processes.

The company already had contracts with distributors, operating in countries, such as Finland, Sweden, Holland, Spain, Great Britain and Italy. The newest distributor to join the ranks was Denmark’s TopCon, one of the biggest global players in the market. BioResonator received orders not only for glaucoma diagnostics, but also other devices meant for clinical studies in the U.S.

These devices are chiefly tonometers, whose purpose is to measure the eye pressure or IOP (intraocular pressure). High levels of IOP may indicate glaucoma, which may cause severe optic nerve damage, and if not treated leads to blindness. Among the 70+ age group in the West around 6% suffer from glaucoma, and hence measurement of IOP is included as one of the standard processes done by opticians, eye specialists, private and public health care institutions. Not having enough knowledge about this disease deters many people from seeking care, and hence IOP measurement is a very essential procedure.

Lindblad further stated that their company’s IOP devices are based on a patented resonance technology, which is far easier to use than the presently used outdated technology, used in several eye clinics. Another added advantage is that the BioResonator IOP device, can work on corneas that have been surgically treated by using lasers.

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