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RFM Launches 900 MHz FHSS for Low-Cost Networking Applications

RF Monolithics, Inc., a leading supplier of technology-enabled wireless networking solutions, has launched an innovative cost-effective frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) module with 900 MHz frequency at the DNT90, at the ESC Boston exhibition conducted in the Hynes Convention Center.

The DNT90 module works in the 900 MHz ISM frequency and is a multi-tasking, wide-range, OEM RF unit which is ideal for many low-cost purposes encompassing telemetry, wireless networking and control applications.

According to Tim Cutler, Director, Product Marketing Division at RFM, the DNT90 offers information rate at a range of 100 kb/s with supreme RF energy at +22dBm (150mW) combined with the high receive-sensitivity of -99dBm to furnish intensive operation and range which meets the IC (Canada) and FCC (USA) standards.

The working of DNT90 is based on the principle of frequency hopping technology coupled with a specific TDMA / CSMA hybrid multi-accessible scheme which imparts lower responsive periods to numerous nodes in a grid. The single and multiple nodes in the networks and store-and-forward repeating feature and the peer-to-peer actions are facilitated in this system. The surface-installable and pinned series are accessible and the DNT90 pin out and footprint is similar to the 2.4GHz LPR2430ER of RFM and facilitates the OEMs to develop 900MHz as well as 2.4GHz product lines in one hardware source.

The store-and-forward recurring characteristic of the DNT90 is capable of amplifying the 900 MHz frequency unit without employing routing nodes in the network. The DNT90 with RF energy at 150mW supplies two-fold power to the competing units to provide an intensive range.

The DNT90 serves wireless serial or digital data transmissions and features six GPIOs and three analog inputs for transmitting the signals and for operations without the requirement of an external intelligence. The UART serial port for quality baud rates is featured in the DNT90 for all sorts of sensing applications. The DNT90’s auto-report sensor information and resting reports are ideal for the functioning of batteries and the AES encryption with 128-bits ensures security to the application data.

The DNT90DK developer kit will enable the designers to develop their fabrication.


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