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Torino Announces Development of New Distribution Temperature Sensor

Torino Power Solutions Inc., is pleased to announce that it has begun developing a new distribution temperature sensor that will focus on lower voltage overhead “distribution” cables that we typically find in urban areas.

Torino engineers have taken the design of our existing Powerline Monitoring (“PLM”) transmission sensor and have reduced the overall sensor size by 3 times, creating one of the most versatile, compact, passive sensors in the market. The Torino distribution sensor weighs only a few ounces and is geared towards the many millions of miles of distribution lines we typically see in our neighborhoods every day.

Distribution systems typically operate in a voltage range of 4KV to 72 KV. However, distribution also includes secondary voltage systems, which operate at less than 1,000v, that typically connect to electric customers' homes and offices. Torino’s existing transmission Powerline Monitoring (“PLM”) sensor been created for utility (higher voltage) transmission lines. Transmission system voltages are typically from 69KV up to 765KV.

The distribution sensor market is very large. Utilities worldwide face temperature related problems with local distribution lines. Torino Power Solutions Inc. is committed to improving the real-time condition monitoring of the distribution network. This is becoming critical given the increase in integration of distributed energy resources (wind and solar).  Torino sensors are designed to help utilities eliminate bottleneck constraints in the flow of power.


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