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Delta Group Unveils Three New IIoT-Enabling Platforms for Packaging Industry

Delta Group, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, today announced three new platforms, the DIACloud platform, EtherCAT machine control network platform, and EtherNet/IP information connectivity network platform, to support the growing IIoT and Industry 4.0 initiatives of machine builders within the packaging industry.

Demonstrations of the new platforms integrated with Delta's wide line-up of Industrial Automation technologies and products will be available to Pack Expo attendees September 25-27 at booth #C3400.

"Delta is introducing new automation technology that enables machine builders to make smarter and greener packaging machinery and production lines," said M.S. Huang, president of Delta Americas. "The wide breadth of features embedded in every product and platform solution translate into real value for machine builders in terms of design flexibility and supporting plant-wide digitization initiatives."

In addition to its cutting-edge platform technologies, Delta has also expanded its comprehensive portfolio of solutions with a total of nine new technology enablers. These new products, which will debut at Pack Expo, include the AH500 series hot-swappable midrange PLC, the MH300 series high performance compact variable frequency drive with EtherCAT, the ECMA series 100-750W servo motors with IP67 connectors, the R1-EC series EtherCAT remote I/O modules, the DVP series Load Cell module for high speed weighing, and a DPM-C520W wireless digital power meter.

Delta Goes Digital with Platform Solutions

The new additions to Delta's product line-up of technologies will deliver tangible efficiency and productivity gains. Machine builders can rely on the trusted Delta brand for high performance control of complete machine automation and stand-alone control solutions; for centralized or distributed network control and information transfer; and for monitoring, maintaining, and storing of critical machine operational or power data - locally or on the cloud. Delta's newly launched platforms reduce design time, increase setup efficiency, and enhance monitoring tools for remote maintenance and digitization of factories.

DIACloud Platform for real-time remote monitoring, maintenance, and data collection

The DIACloud platform enables devices to securely communicate as if they are on the same network. Each user can connect and see device status online or through Delta's DIACloud phone apps (iOS and Android). Delta's DX-2100 3G GSM Cloud Router/Gateway, DX-2300 Ethernet Cloud Router/Gateway and DX-3001 Ethernet/3G VPN Router can easily connect legacy and standard non-Delta devices to DIACloud. Monitoring is simplified with SMS and email alarms, while Delta's worldwide server network eases connectivity. Delta's patented technology for authentication, authorization, and data encryption ensures that devices are secure end-to-end.

EtherCAT Platform for Complete Machine Control

Delta's EtherCAT platform, a controls solution for machine automation, leverages the fastest, most efficient, open network available today. To provide complete control over the EtherCAT network, Delta is launching its AH10EMC integrated motion and PLC control module for the AH500 rack based mid-range PLC platform. With this new Delta complete solution, it is now possible to control machines with remote I/O, induction motors, spindle motors, and up to 32 axis of synchronized servo motors on one network. The EtherCAT platform also allows for control of third-party EtherCAT devices, expanding design options for machine builders.

EtherNet/IP Platform for Industrial Automation Connectivity

Delta has expanded its connectivity options to include EtherNet/IP at the platform level, upgrading the AS300 series compact modular mid-range PLC, the DVP-ES2-E series PLC, the AH500 advanced CPU, and the new AH10EMC integrated EtherCAT motion & PLC CPU for the AH500 series mid-range rack PLC. This supports an even stronger system configuration when combined with other Delta industrial automation products and increasing information connectivity with other manufacturers' automation devices.

To take full advantage of the in-booth demonstrations, Delta is encouraging visitors to grab a Delta Automation Passport in advance of Pack Expo and join the journey to smart manufacturing. Delta will also be presenting a 30-minute seminar - "Lower Cost Machine Design using Application Specific Automation Innovations" - from the Innovation Stage on Tuesday, September 26, starting at 11:00am.  


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