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Southland Sensing Launches Innovative Percent Electrochemical Fuel Cell and PPM Oxygen Detectors for Various Industrial Applications

Southland Sensing is launching their novel series of Percent precision electrochemical fuel cell and PPM oxygen sensing devices.

These unique oxygen detectors are manufactured for sensing various gases such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Hydrogen (H2), Nitrogen (N2), Freon (r134A), Argon (Ar), Helium (He) and many other gases.

These detectors will dominate the prevailing devices including the AO2, PSR-12-223, B-1, B-2C, OX-1 and also the OEM utility with the instrumentation manufacturers. The trace O2 sensing devices have a durability of upto 12-15 months only but the percent O2 detectors have an extended durability of about three years.

The electrochemical fuel cell sensing system and its robustness serves wide variety of industrial purposes encompassing the inert gas systems, glovebox systems, glove box applications, VPSA skids, PSA skids, chemical facility, petrochemical plants, oxygen generators, welding applications, nitrogen generators etc.


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