IPG’s New Biometric Sensor Collects Far More Complete and Precise Fingerprint

IPG is an innovation enterprise with a large number of innovations, including our innovation to embed a sensor directly in the mobile screen without changing any hardware, yet providing a fingerprint capability with a human-factored design that is far superior than what anyone could ever imagine.

IPG's innovation of embedding a biometric sensor named Yes Touch™ directly into the mobile screen itself provides users a sensor of unimaginable simplicity and elegance.  One aspect of that simplicity and elegance is that the Yes Touch sensor can be positioned on any part of the mobile screen that has been pre-selected by the user.

Another aspect of the simplicity and elegance of the Yes Touch sensor is that the sensor collects a far more complete and precise fingerprint, when either the entire thumb or index finger is placed flat on the user's pre-selected part of the mobile screen.

Tara Chand believes, "Yes Touch biosensor technology can be integrated within the latest smartphones, including the iPhone X™ and launched in a matter of months, if not weeks, wowing even the most astute technology critics."

IPG is an innovation enterprise like no other on the planet–with unique innovations across seven different market verticals; mobile devices represent a core innovation segment focus for us. Our innovations are driven by IPG's founder's unique innovation skills, which he describes as, "In my mind I start by visually deconstructing the creative space into its most fundamental building blocks, and then I combine that with my natural inspiration from the world around us."

IPG would welcome an opportunity to meet with smartphone manufacturers, such as Apple, Google, Amazon and others to discuss potential licensing of the Yes Touch biometric sensor technology, as well as our numerous innovations across the mobile technology segment.

Source: http://www.internetpromisegroup.com/

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