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Sensor-Based UI Mobile Devices to Revolutionize the Market by 2013

ABI Research predicts that the sensor-supported user interface (UI) will be capable of revolutionizing the next generation of mobile UI advancements in turn deviating the objects, people and locations into transmissible networked components. About 85% of the smartphones are thought to be marketed with GPS, 50% of them will be shipped with gyroscopes and more than 50% is anticipated to be equipped with accelerometers by the year 2013.

Victoria Fodale, senior analyst reported that the demand for the in-built sensing devices in the smartphones will promote location awareness, gaming enhanced reality and the development of motion-oriented commands. Fodale added that the application programming interfaces (APIs) supported by the smartphone’s high-performance operating system has aided in the deployment of information from the sensors, GPS receivers and cameras.

Upon coupling accelerometers with gyroscopes, the designers can modify the applications for monitoring the motions through six planes in various directions; left and right, forward and backwards, up and down, pitch, roll and in yaw rotations. This functionality inturn will provide a game controller capability like the Nintendo Wii, to the mobile system.

With the advent of Apple’s UI based iPhone technology, the OEMs of the smartphones have started the advancements in UI fabrication and improvement. According to Fodale, though the mobile systems have been advancing with the latest technologies, the UI should be made user-friendly for easy-handling.

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