ATS Develops Integrated Boards for Spontaneous, Speedy Calibrations of Temperature and Air Velocity

Advanced Thermal Solutions have developed innovative ISD boards which are modified PCB-supported scanning devices that are deployed for spontaneous and quick monitoring of the air flow and temperature from two different sensing units. These integral boards can be embedded into various other devices for exploiting their calibration potentiality and to enhance the operations of other systems.

The boards instantaneously checks the velocity of air and temperature in the computer output controlling systems as well as in the calibration systems by means of portable sensing units that can be placed in any spot in the test area. The patented, rugged Candlestick Sensing systems from ATS can also be deployed along with these boards.

Two different sensing units are equipped with the PCBs, and the whole system is capable of adjusting various velocity and temperature ranges. The LabVIEW™ software is supported in the boards for translating the voltages into velocity and temperature figures digitally.

The ISD-232 board is configured with an appropriate digital output and has RS-232 D-sub connector while the ISD board is devised with a digital output alone. Both the ISD boards are accessible in a 2 inch x 2 inch size range.

Various integrated board applications encompasses the controlling systems such as HVAC equipment, laboratory wind tunnels, environmental controls laboratory fume hood measurement, food processing, industrial baking, monitoring in biotechnology manufacturing or to furnish feed-back information for the display units where speedy calibrations are required.

The thermal calibration of the boards are in the range of -30°C to 150°C and the air velocity measurement range is in the order of 0 to 51 m/sec or 10,000 ft/min.


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