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EnOcean to Demonstrate Wireless and Self-Powered Control Devices for Bluetooth® Lighting Systems at Strategies in Light Event

“Advancing the future of light” is the main theme behind the 20th year of Strategies in Light to be held from February 27th to March 1st, 2019. One popular topic is that lighting systems are turning out to be the data backbone of smart control.

EnOcean’s Easyfit portfolio covers self-powered switches and sensors for Bluetooth® lighting systems as well as a full range of wireless sensors, switches, LED fixture controllers and a commissioning tool for lighting control based on the EnOcean standard at 902 MHz. (Image credit: EnOcean)

EnOcean, a leading company that specializes in energy harvesting wireless technology, will be showing how self-powered wireless control products provide the required data for this digitalization of services and buildings—easy to install, highly flexible, and maintenance-free.

At booth #9811, event visitors will be able to experience EnOcean’s Easyfit range, which includes self-powered sensors and switches for Bluetooth® lighting systems and also a complete range of wireless switches, sensors, LED fixture controllers, as well as a commissioning tool for lighting control built on the EnOcean standard at 902 MHz. All Easyfit wireless control devices from EnOcean can be effortlessly added to current buildings when upgrading to LED lighting. In addition to the above products, EnOcean will be demonstrating control solutions from various other EnOcean Alliance member companies.

Lighting is one of the pioneer industries of the Internet of Things, the IoT. With LED technology and expanding networking abilities, lighting evolved within only a few years from a simple illumination element to a core communication instrument of digital buildings. Wireless and self-powered control devices are the most flexible ready-to-use and maintenance-free solution to achieve the full data potential of intelligent LED lighting control in new builds and retrofits. Powering various leading wireless standards with our energy harvesting technology, EnOcean offers its OEMs and partners of the lighting industry self-powered control devices for almost all usage scenarios in the IoT.

Troy Davis, Sales Director, EnOcean Inc.

Self-powered Bluetooth® occupancy sensor

The highlight of the show is the first self-powered Bluetooth® occupancy sensor (EMDCB) in the industry. Newly introduced in the market, the sensor uses light as its energy source by integrating tiny solar cells, and thanks to the energy harvesting technology from EnOcean, it can work under standard conditions using only the energy produced from the environment. The harvested energy is stored by an additional energy storage element which helps in bridging the time period when no light is available and thus ensures a continuous operation. The EMDCB is capable of detecting occupancy and light levels and hence allows room occupancy management and lighting control on-demand. The wireless communication utilizes AES 128 telegram authentication and is based on Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE).

Battery-free Bluetooth® switches

The latest sensor also complements EnOcean’s wireless, battery-free Easyfit switches for Bluetooth® lighting systems that are available in European design (EWSSB/EWSDB) and US design (ESRPB/EDRPB). Energy is supplied to the Easyfit switches simply at the press of a button, making them freely positionable and maintenance-free. They also enable intuitive usage and flexible control. For manufacturers using Bluetooth® mesh lighting products, EnOcean provides a range of maintenance-free control options, with the combination of self-powered Easyfit Bluetooth® switches and sensors.

EnOcean will also be demonstrating models of additional energy harvesting Bluetooth® sensor solutions at Strategies in Light. These sensor solutions provide data like accelerometers, humidity, and temperature. Easyfit Bluetooth® sensors and switches feature a near field communication (NFC) interface that can be simply incorporated and commissioned for lighting control systems through a tablet, a smartphone, or an NFC reader. The sensors and switches, within the system, offer the required to the platform in use by communicating with lighting fixture controllers and/or an IoT gateway.

Portfolio of DLC-qualified self-powered EnOcean lighting control

EnOcean’s Easyfit portfolio, in addition to the Bluetooth® range, covers comprehensive, ready-to-use wireless LED lighting control solutions that are based on the EnOcean wireless standard in 902 MHz, (ISO/IEC 14543-3-11) which is optimized to provide consistent ultra-low power communication in buildings. The products have been featured in the DLC Qualified Product List (QPL), allowing EnOcean’s customer base across the United States to pursue both retrofit and the latest projects that could qualify for higher utility rebates with a QPL solution, for example, for warehouses, offices, or schools.

The complete EnOcean LED control range includes occupancy and light level sensors; self-powered, wireless light switches; LEDRU and LEDDU fixture/zone controllers; and also the Navigan™ remote commissioning software. Through this advanced commissioning interface, settings like dimming levels, thresholds, timers, task tuning, ramp speeds, or Title 24-compliant parameters can be altered wirelessly.

Manufacturers dealing in controls and lighting systems can also develop EnOcean-enabled products by applying the wide range of Dolphin by EnOcean-enabled LED drivers and EnOcean RF modules.

EnOcean at the show floor

Apart from its complete Easyfit series for intelligent lighting control through EnOcean radio standards and Bluetooth®, EnOcean will also be exhibiting self-powered switches using Zigbee 2.4 GHz with its built-in energy harvesting technology, at the show.

Partners and customers of EnOcean exhibiting at Strategies in Light include Fulham Co., Inc. (#11318), Hubbell Lighting Components (#11606), MEAN WELL USA INC (#11206), Silvair (#9913) and Signify (#11512).

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