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Thermo Fisher Scientific Provides Fully Automated Multi-Compound and Multi-Element Isotope Analysis

Thermo Fisher Scientific, a global leader of servicing science, has recently launched a comprehensive user-friendly isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) system that can be used to validate the authenticity of beverages and foods.

Thermo Fisher Scientific's new easy-to-use solution for the authentication of food and beverages

This system enhances productivity in the lab, detects counterfeit products, and confirms the authenticity of beverage and food samples in a reliable manner. This configuration permits completely automated and fast switching between multi-element and multi-compound analysis processes. It incorporates the ConFlo IV Universal Interface and the Thermo Scientific DELTA V series IRMS, along with the new Flash HT Plus elemental analyzer and TRACE GC Ultra all in one set-up to ensure maximum cost-efficiency. This combination results in delivery of a simple workflow that needs minimum sample handling and preparation, with a higher lab automation level. This IRMS system will be demonstrated during March 23-26 at the Thermo Scientific booth in Analytica 2010 in Munich, Germany.

It is possible to connect the Delta V mass spectrometer to the Flash HT Plus or the TRACE GC Ultra by utilizing the Thermo Fisher Scientific ConFlo IV. This will facilitate time saving by switching among the two instruments for multi-element isotope or multi-compound isotope analysis. Connecting the new Thermo Scientific Flash HT Plus and the DELTA V helps in conducting multi-element analysis. Such a combination facilitates characterizing the bulk samples reliably with least sample handling and preparation, and results in productivity increase, cost-efficiencies, and save staff time.

The ConFlo IV Universal Interface’s automated dilution and reference solution when combined with the DELTA V IRMS makes it possible to conduct multi-elemental isotope analysis of sulphur, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon using a sample size that is close to 1:5000. The Flash HT Plus KIT incorporates a two single-furnace system that is completely automated to deliver high temperature conversion and dynamic flash combustion abilities within one analyzer that suits almost all analytical needs.

The DELTA V is interfaced to the TRACE GC Ultra for conducting multi-compound isotope analysis. This analysis helps ascertaining of the rations of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon and also helps to create dedicated isotope fingerprints that pertain to the origin and history of complex samples. The analysis guarantees quality control of beverages, flavors and foods and identifies adulterated foods in real time.

This new workflow system facilitates ease of use, permitting government and commercial food testing organizations to leverage its enhanced analytic capabilities. The system will be able to acquire complimentary information related to the authenticity and origin of components utilizing one straightforward set-up of instrument to lower operating and investment costs.

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