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Valeo Introduces Advanced Semi-Automatic Parking Technology for Precise Car Parking

Valeo, a global provider of manoeuvring and parking solutions, introduces its innovative new generation partial-automatic parking system called the Park4U(R) for the latest Volkswagen Sharan and Touran.

The Park4U(R) is equipped with ultrasonic sensing units that are located in the rear and front bumpers for the accurate evaluation of the parking area’s length and is also capable of parking the car automatically into the available place.

The new generation parking system requires only a clearance of 40 cm on both sides of the vehicle for parking when compared to the 43% clearance needed by the earlier version and is achieved by an advanced complex geometric computation. It also furnishes steering guidance till the car is parked appropriately.

The Park4U(R) also assists the motorist in leaving a parking slot even when the space is  congested. It monitors the free-space in front of and behind the car, and executes the operation precisely. The driver regulates the speed and the parking system controls the steering during parking. The system has the potentiality to determine the ideal time to leave the parking slot so as to avoid the traffic.

The initial generation Park4U(R) proved successful and upon the customers demand, the subsequent generation was configured to provide reversing guidance to the drivers to assist in parking in a slot perpendicular to the road, in a narrow passage or on a bend. The flexibility of the parking trajectory facilitates managing all the situations permitting natural parking convenience.


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