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Streetline's Sensor-Enabled Smart Parking Management System Simplify Parking Problems

Digital Payment Technologies and Streetline have declared that they are collaborating on a new technology to facilitate the two companies to share and incorporate the data into parking platforms.

This development will allow authorities, parking officials and operators who are deploying pay stations from DPT, and guided parking packages from Streetline to identify and access parking spaces quickly, thus minimizing traffic congestion in cities and towns while maximizing quality of operations.

The Parker smartphone application from Streetline will help officials provide vehicle owners quality information on available spaces in parking lots. When a driver parks his vehicle in a vacant space, he will be able to make his payment at any DPT pay station using various payment modes, such as coins, bills, credit cards or pay-by-phone. A digital and colored display will provide drivers with information on payments and other events and businesses. The entire process is user-friendly and time efficient, reducing driver stress and increasing satisfaction.


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