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Piher’s MTS 360 Sensors Perform Intensive Position Inspection and Recurrent Operations

Piher International Corp. has declared the accessibility of the contact-free MTS 360 SMD rotary position sensing device.

MTS 360 SMD rotary position sensors

The MTS’ through-hole shaft configuration permits a complete position inspection in a 360º angle. The highly-designed miniature rotary sensor is capable of performing nearly 25 million recurrent operations effectively.

The size of the advanced sensor falls in the range of 6 mm x 17 mm x 18 mm (HxWxL) and facilitates the designers to incorporate the entire unit as such into their PCB, eliminating the problems associated with packing that are mostly encountered with other types of position detectors and encoders. The tiny size allows easy positioning of the devices. The working of MTS 360 is oriented on an untested Hall effect technology which permits actual contact-free hole-shaft monitoring employing high-quality SMD characteristics. The through-hole design includes a vacuum pick up methodology for deployment in self-regulated SMD assembly units. The unique model encompasses a four mm dual D-flat shaft and a SMD footprint with eight pad which is consistent in almost all of the reflow combining systems.


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