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Advanced HazMatID 360 Chemical Identification System from Smiths Detection

Smiths Detection has introduced an advanced portable chemical identification device called the HazMatID 360. The system incorporates a number of sophisticated features such as a chemical hazard classification, substance libraries and an optimized mixture analysis.

It also has an Aristatek’s PEAC-WMD software and a user-friendly Bluetooth wireless communications that provide vital information management and guidance. These new features can be integrated with the earlier series of HazMatID devices.

The HazMatID 360 chemical identification system

The HazMatID 360 offers quick and complete data analysis of gels, solids and liquids and is suitable for military personnel and emergency responders. When emergency responders are unable to identify definitive materials, the HazMatID 360 offers an on-screen chemical hazard classification, which alerts them about the type of hazard they are dealing with.

The new device incorporates the largest spectral library, which is double the capacity of the earlier model. The system can detect more than 32,000 gels, solids and liquids within a minute and can also identify Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs), Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), homemade precursors, explosives and other unknown powders. The HazMatID 360 is based on the Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) chemical identifier.

The optimized mixture analysis in the HazMatID 360 can assess a variety of samples including those that contain more than one material. The HazMatID 360 uses an advanced wireless connection feature, which ensures that test results can be sent instantly from dangerous settings to a command center. This removes the need to decontaminate the system prior to receiving the results, thus saving significant amount of time.

According to Smiths Detection’s Vice President, Tim Picciotti, emergency responders need to adapt to new roles and responsibilities and rely on advanced security systems to carry out their jobs safely and effectively. He added that Smiths Detection is known for providing unique security systems that meet customers’ requirements and the HazMat ID 360 is one such system that offers a combination of sophisticated data handling and identification technology to deliver an optimal view of possible dangers.

Smiths Detection’s Product Manager, Dustin Levy, informed that customers can upgrade their original HazMatIDs without having to re-learn on how to use the device.

Smiths Detection, a part of Smiths Group, designs and produces sophisticated security systems that detect weapons, explosives and biological and chemical agents. The company distributes its products to the military and civil sectors. All products developed by Smiths Detection comply with government-regulations. Smiths Group deals in advanced technological systems such as engineered and communications equipment, medical devices, energy and threats and contraband detection devices.


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