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iTHERM-100 Test Station for Effective Thermal and Air Flow Studies

Advanced Thermal Solutions has released a new safety system of laboratory equipments and sensing solutions called the iTHERM-100 experimental platform for performing studies based on monitoring the accurate velocity of the air flow and temperature. Various applications of this unique test station encompasses temperature management studies on heatsinks, boards, ATCA cards racks and fans.

iTHERM-100 Test Station

The system features a wind tunnel of the laboratory standard, a benchtop, self-regulated controller and numerous sensing units for accurately managing the direction and velocity of the airflow within the experimental zone. The system is widely deployed in identifying the pattern of the air flow and calculating the pressure depression throughout heatsinks and several other PCB units. The iTHERM-100 is integrated with a thermocouple and can be deployed for carrying out various independent temperature management tests on CPUs and other thermal elements.

All the equipments, sensing units and application software employed on these specific platforms are modified for proper system functioning which can also be re-designed or deployed autonomously.


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