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Applications Optimisation from Modular Flow Systems

Uniqsis report on increasing interest from scientists wanting to invest in a flow chemistry system matched to their applications needs.

Whilst many customers like the 'all-in-one-box' automation of our flagship FlowSyn flow reactor series, an increasing number are expressing an appreciation for the modularity of our entry-level FlowLab Plus™ systems.

Dr Mark Ladlow, Technical  Director, Uniqsis

FlowLab Plus™ is a versatile flow chemistry system designed around the Uniqsis Binary Pump™ dual channel reagent delivery system. The system is configured to run both manual and automated flow chemistry reactions. The versatile system may be configured with any combination of up to 4 individual reactor modules to exactly match your application needs.

A wide variety of configurations are possible. By selecting from the HotCoil™ and HotChip™ heated reactor modules, and the Polar Bear Plus Flow™ or Polar Bear Plus GSM™cryogenic modules, an operating range from -40°C to 300°C is possible.

Adding powerful FlowControl II software permits integration of the FlowLab Plus with a fraction collector, much more sophisticated reaction automation (such as automated sample loop filling), the ability to program multiple experiments and integration with the Flow-UV™ inline UV-vis spectrophotometer to monitor steady state conditions in real time.

The computer, pumps and modules in a FlowLab Plus™ are connected over a LAN using an Ethernet hub. In this way, the system can be controlled remotely by Wi-Fi, allowing the control computer to be conveniently operated outside your fumehood.

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