HBM’s One-Stop-Shop for eMobility

To help engineers, actively involved in “designing the future of mobility”, save time by finding the right equipment in one place, HBM has launched a dedicated eMobility web site section.


Image credit: Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH

With growing concerns over environmental pollution, the future of mobility looks set to become non-combustion and electric. As a result, passenger electric vehicles (EV), commercial vehicles and light aircrafts will be more likely to run on battery-electric propulsion systems and hybrid ships will become dominant on the mobile landscape.

This increasing emphasis on sustainability will play a vital role in the way vehicle manufacturers are shaping their products. To help them meet this demand, HBM has created a one-stop shop, offering the right tools, to ensure their products are more sustainable by optimizing their efficiency, range, performance, structural and thermal integrity, reliability and comfort.

Since the next generation of vehicles need to offer substantial increases in efficiency, it is essential for every powertrain to be precisely analyzed and extensively tested in many different user scenarios. HBM’s Electric Power Analysis tool provides these essential aspects, optimizing all single components from electric drive, drivetrain, battery or fuel cell, to the overall drivetrain in dyno test facilities, simulating real driving and load situations.

This solution package, known as eDrive, is based around Electric and Mechanical Power - and Efficiency Analysis, which records raw signal data coming from both sides of a vehicle. This combination offers engineers transparency in an overall highly dynamic application, set apart from the real-time power analysis and test bench integration via Ethernet. This aspect utilizes the acquisition of the full bandwidth of HBM’s highly dynamic torque and speed sensor. Mounted into the shaft, between electric drive and load machine (with the electric generator working as a brake) in a dyno test stand, the eDrive solution allows over 50 electrical power measurements and 6 mechanical power measurements at the same time. This makes it ideal for a range of applications, such as simple or complex drivetrains in passenger cars or ship and aircraft propulsion systems.

Before electric components or completed vehicles can be released to the market, testing thermal analysis and thermal integrity are vital aspects. HBM’s combined Thermal Validation with electrical and mechanical testing, environmental simulation and data analytics, provides users with reliable, comprehensive results they can trust.

To achieve higher efficiency, light-weight constructions and materials are now commonplace in electric mobility. As a result, testing of system components and the overall structural integrity of vehicles also has new requirements. To help engineers meet these demands, HBM’s complete Structural Dynamic solution provides a range of stress and fatigue analysis tools, including sensors, data acquisition for mobile or fully automated test benches, data analytics, simulation and collaboration.


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