Tunisia Tackles Wind Energy with Wind Lidar

Technical consultancy Firnas Shuman delivers one-year ZX Lidars wind measurement campaign for major developer

ZX 300 deployed by Firnas Shuman in Tunisia

“Despite very tough environmental challenges for the measurement campaign in Tunisia Firnas Shuman is delighted to announce that our ZX 300 wind Lidar allowed us to achieve a best-in-class data recovery rate of 99.93% over a one-year period” commented Ahmed Salah, Head of Project Execution, Resource Measurements at Firnas Shuman.

The project, including this internationally financed wind measurement campaign, featured demanding desert conditions and extreme heat during the 12-month campaign. The wind Lidar measurements and associated power-supply provided by Firnas Shuman delivered ‘bankable’ wind information remotely from ground-level up to 200 metres, and was able to withstand the demanding environmental conditions whilst meeting the contractual requirements of the measurement campaign.

Salah continued : “We are satisfied with ZX300 performance and can rapidly deploy our units for other wind measurement campaigns. The temperature specification of the ZX300 compares favorably to other remote sensing devices and makes it well suited to high temperature conditions. Firnas Shuman is happy to be able to provide to its clients across the world full-service Lidar wind measurement campaigns using its fleet of ZX300 units.”

Firnas Shuman has completed the one-year lidar measurement campaign in Tunisia using local teams and teams from the company’s head office in coordination with local authorities.

Working with Firnas Shuman, ZX Lidars provides vertical and horizontal profiling wind Lidar to accurately measure wind conditions remotely and ahead of their installed position. These accurate, independent wind measurements are a cornerstone in the development, construction and operation of wind farms globally.

Source: https://www.zxlidars.com/


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