Novel Mobile Gas Analyzers with IR Sensors from Hitech Instruments

Hitech Instruments has launched its new IR4030 series mobile gas analysers for the detection of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or methane. The analysers incorporate the proven infrared sensing devices that are deployed in the wall-installable IR600 series and are capable of performing all the operations effectively.

IR4030 series mobile gas analysers

These mobile analysers are fabricated in such a way as to furnish constant monitoring in processing industries. This unique device is capable of providing suitable back-up for various in-built equipments or can be deployed in multiple site operations. A durable, eight-hour continual operative, rechargeable battery is equipped in this device for efficient working.

The IR4030 is supplied with all the analysers from Hitech which can be utilized directly. The valves, filters, tube fittings, sensing units, pumps etc., are highly economical with Hitech. The in-built pump is significant for attaining appropriate flow in inactive conditions too. An auto-controllable output with a power range of 0 to 1 V is provided, coupled with two warning systems.

The analysers can be obtained in numerous selectable ranges for use in a variety of applications covering welding, gas mixing, composting and biogas purposes.


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